Pet Friendly T&C

Pet-friendly venue for well behaved, social, small to big dogs, please arrange with owners before bringing pets.


However there are a few rules you need to adhere to as guests!



Are the cottages fenced and safe for dogs?

All cottages have fully enclosed gardens with own private gate entrance

The gardens are spacious and more than adequate in size


May the dogs be off lead on walks?

Ideally no, unless they are very well socialised and wont be a problem to other guests and dogs by causing an altercation

The property is 8 hectares (about 16 acres) in size, with 2 big fields on either end surrounded by trees – plenty of space to run and completely fenced and secured


What is the policy on barking?

Unnecessary barking to be discouraged, especially early morning and at night, fence rushing and barking at all that moves, is to be discouraged

(We have staff walking around servicing and cleaning, usually in the morning and other guest traffic)


Are the dogs allowed on beds and furniture?

No dogs allowed on the beds or furniture and the edges of beds need to be covered with your own old throws to protect linen from soil and mud please


Must we bring our own pet bedding?

All pet bedding, food bowls, food, water dishes and extra throws to protect chairs and beds must be brought with


Why do we need extra throws?

Extra throws to drape edges of beds, chairs and the beds themselves to prpotect from dirty paws (we have red soil)


What type of dogs are allowed?

Socialised, friendly dogs as they will encounter other dogs on the premises


What type of dogs are NOT allowed?

Security dogs bred for protection and attack are not welcome, property is for guests to enjoy the space with their social pet, usually small to medium dogs, bigger SOCIAL dogs are allowed too


May the dogs be in the pool?

The pool is also completely enclosed with fencing and gates and you may bring your dog BUT NOT covered in dirt and mud please, be respectful of other guests usage of the pool area who may not want a dog in the area


Are there other dogs on the property or other animals?

Yes there are the owners and family dogs (very social) plus other guest dogs most times, we also have some domesticated farm animals, like goats and large brown and black pigs (animals are tame and hand reared, used to dogs, who walk around)


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