Woodland Gardens Massage Services cover special occasions including:

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Honeymoons etc..

just spoil yourselves for a lovely getaway in the countryside.

Come & enjoy our magical vibe, and complete your holiday with a good

experience of body & mind therapy overlooking  the Magaliesburg Mountains,

the Oldest Mountains in the world.

The massage therapy is based in house and set up at your chalet, for your own comfort!
You don’t need to go anywhere, the massage service coming to you!



Swedish Massage ( full body Massage )

Enjoy our Massage using oils of a warming blend of peppermint and almonds.
Promotes full body relaxation by rubbing the muscles with oils and long strokes.
The massage will increase circulation , improved flexibility, and purging toxins from the muscles.
This treatment will make you feel brand new.

60 Min | R 450.00

Hot stone Massage (Full body Massage)

If you have never experienced this unique indulgence, you owe yourself this exquisite moment.
The special basalt stones are placed on the energy points of the body,
To promote an incredible deep relaxation .
The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles,
Allowing you to let go of all the stress that is held within your body.
It is really an amazing experience to offer to the ones you love!

60 Min| R 545.00
90 Min |R 625.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing therapy that concentrate on he face, ears, neck , shoulders and upper arms.
The treatment will stimulate circulation, relax the scalp and relieve stress, headaches, migraines and eye strain.
It also eliminates muscle tension and restores movements around the neck & shoulders.
The massage is best suited for people with hectic lifestyles as well as anyone suffering from stress
Who wants to release tension, have their energy rebalanced in their mind & body.

30 Min | R 250.00

Back ,Neck & Shoulders Massage

This is a relaxing massage therapy concentrating, on the back, neck & shoulders muscles.
The treatment is designed to relax and ease tension in the areas of the body.
The massage relieves stress build up for anyone whose upper back & neck holds a lot of tension,
Whether from lifestyle or abuse of computers .
The massage is suitable to anyone who wants to relieve stress
Or complaints in the back area-in particular.
Help to combat the stress of everyday life.

30 Min | R 285.00


Full Facial cleansing, followed by pressure- point facial & throat muscle massage to soothe stress,
finishing with toning, cooling & hydrating lotion.

30Min | R 370.00

Facial Deep Cleanse therapy

Indulge in soothing deep pore cleansing, detoxing & exfoliation,
including a masque to remove superficial dead layers of skin.
Relaxing massage of the facial muscles and pressure points, including the throat,
smooth away the stress! Followed by rebalancing, toning, and cooling,
finishing with deep moisturising lotion

60 Min | R 480.00

Foot Massage

Feet is the least pampered part of our body.
A foot massage enhances lubrication and circulation,
And helps draw toxins to the surface for release.

A relaxing foot bath for 10 min followed by 35 min foot and ankle massage therapy, including foot softening to relax and soothe tired feet.

(Please note: Pre-existing skin or other pathology of the feet may exclude this therapy!)

30 Min | R 315.00

woodland gardens packages…

Hot Stone Massage

R 545.00 – 60 min ( full body massage )
R 625.00 – 90 min (Hot stone massage , full body treatment )

Daisy Package

Full Body Massage followed by Head, Neck & Back massage using aromatherapy oils.
This massage is best suited for people with busy lifestyles, as well as anyone
suffering from stress and wishes to release built up tension,
Have your energies rebalanced and the mind and body soothed.

R 585.00 per a person 75-80 min ( instead of R 700.00 per person)

Sunflower Package

Starting with a unique & relaxing full body Swedish Massage,
Using oils with a warming blend of Arnica, then adding the fantastic volcanic hot stones.
The special Basalt Stones are placed on the energy points of the body,
which promotes a deep relaxation and removes the tension in your body.
Smaller stones are used to massage the arms and legs, while the heat works to relieve muscle tension
Finishing with a head, back & shoulders massage
The treatment will stimulate circulation, relax the scalp, and relieve stress, headaches,
and eye strain.
It also eliminates muscle tension and restores movement around the neck and shoulders.

R 705.00 per a person – 120 min (2 hr.)
( Instead of R 1045.00 per a person )

Rose Package

Indian Head Massage a relaxing therapy that concentrates on the face, ears, neck,
shoulders and upper arms.
Followed by back, neck & shoulders designed to relax and release tension in the areas of the back .

R 500.00 per a person (60 min )
( Instead of R 535.00 per a person )


Honeysuckle Package

30min Full Facial cleansing, with a pressure- point facial & throat muscle massage to soothe away stress,
finishing with toning, cooling & hydrating the skin –
Followed by either a 30min Indian Head Massage OR a Back Neck & Shoulders 30min massage,
designed to relax and release tension in the Head or the upper back & neck.

R 545.00 per person ( 60 min )

(instead of R 655.00 per person)


For Massage bookings please contact :  00 27 82 873 2736

We suggest to make a booking in advance (any special occasion )

You are more than welcome to contact us on the day of your arrival, for the massage treatments that you would like to choose, however, we need to confirm the treatments, on the day of your arrival, to ascertain how many therapists we are required for the weekend.

 BOOKING POLICY – Massage booking will be confirmed with a FULL  payment  – deposit required  50% for bookings , The outstanding balance should be paid  on arrival at reception – no later!.


CANCELLATION POLICY – Accommodation & Massage Services: Non-refundable deposit if booking cancelled on day of massage treatment or within 30 working days, if booking cancelled more than 30 days before arrival, 50% of the deposit is refunded, and 60 days or more prior to arrival, refund less 15% admin fee.
Please note! cancelled bookings cannot be postponed to another date, a new booking and deposit will need to be made!