WG Massage packages!!!!

Package 1:

Full body massage with aromatherapy oils  with a finishing with a wonderful Head , back & neck massage. This massage is best suited for people with hectic lifestyles as well as anyone suffering from stress who wants to release tension, have their energies rebalanced and their mind and
body soothed.

R 585.00 per a person   75-80 min ( instead of R 700.00)

Package 2 (DEAL OF THE MONTH!!! )

Starting with A unique & relaxing full body Swedish Massage using oils of a warming blend of Arnica including the fantastic volcanic Hot stones.
The special Basalt Stones are placed on the energy points of the body
to promote an incredible  deep relaxation and removing the tension in your body.
Smaller stones are used to massage the arms and legs, while the heat relieves and works
wonderfully on the muscle tension,  finishing gently with a Head , back & shoulders massage
The treatment will stimulate circulation, relax the scalp and relieve stress, headaches,
migraines and eye strain. It also eliminates muscle tension and restores movement around
the neck and shoulders.

R 705.00 per a person  – 120 min  (2 hr.) ( instead of R 1045.00 per a person )

Package 3:

Starting with an amazing Indian Head massage relaxing therapy that concentrates on the face, ears, neck,
shoulders and upper arms.
followed by back, Neck & shoulders design to relax and release tension in the areas!

R 500.00 per a person  (60 min )